Areas of Expertise

Services provided in conjunction with CivicPoint LLC may include, but not be limited to prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery.


    • Conducting school safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness assessments
    • School safety policy development and implementation
    • Evaluating and improving student supervision including anti-bullying efforts and sexual assault awareness and training
    • Evaluating and improving background checks and proper screening of school employees, interview and hiring process and post-hire training
    • Hiring, training, supervision and evaluation of school security officers, guards and school resource officers
    • School bus and transportation security
    • Safety, security and emergency preparedness issues in before-school, after-school, summer school, pre-school, child care, and related youth and educational service programs


    • Effective utilization of school resource and security officers in schools
    • Reporting and investigating criminal activity and threats
    • Testing the fidelity of school safety policies, plans and procedures
    • Crisis/emergency drills and exercises
    • Physical security (access control, visitor management, fencing, lighting, communications, etc.)
    • Cameras, metal detectors and other security equipment
    • Special event and athletic security and emergency preparedness
    • Visitor management, access control, non-custodial parents, and related security protocols


    • Crisis and emergency preparedness plans, teams, first responder relations
    • Threat assessment, response and management


    • Post incident investigations for school crisis events
    • Post incident evaluation of legal and damages exposure


    • Working with insurance carriers and risk retention groups relating to possible post-incident legal claims
    • Evaluating legal claims and assist with resolving them prior to litigation
    • Providing consulting and expert assistance in the event that litigation is filed