Maslow’s Hierarchy

The objective of this program is to provide the most basic element of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as applied to schools – to establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

Spiral Learning

This program employs a spiral curriculum approach which highlights the importance of re-engaging with ideas over time to keep them fresh in the mind and consistently build on those ideas.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

The training modules and their sub-topics learning objectives, assessments, ¬†levels of complexity and specificity of this program follow the hierarchical models of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Copy Edit

All text, scripting, audio files and examinations were exhaustively reviewed and copy edited by professional editors who are each experienced education faculty.


The program comprises 10 learning modules with an average of 4 topics per module. There is an assessment at the end of each topic for a total of 38 knowledge checks.  Following the successful completion of all training modules and their knowledge checks is a final examination which must be passed with a score of at least 80% for a certificate of completion to be issued.

Video Run Time

If the video option is selected, the physical video file runtime is approximately 2.5 hours total time which does not include examinations.