Lesson Plan

The 3Shields School Safety Education training program is presented in 9 interactive training modules comprising 3 parts. Following is the program’s proprietary lesson plan:

Part One introduces appropriate concepts and skills to Empower Your Mind.

Lesson 1, Protecting the Learning Environment – presents relevant statistics, lessons learned from the field, and an introduction to 3  integrated protective shields to prevent and mitigate school violence.

Lesson 2, Normalcy Bias – presents 5 key learning points for faculty and staff to develop mental readiness in support of the 3 shields.

Lesson 3, Your Most Powerful Weapon – presents 4 essential components needed to build mental resilience and confidence under duress.

Part Two introduces appropriate concepts and skills to Know Your Environment.

Lesson 4, Situational Awareness – presents how to apply a trained level of awareness as used by protection experts to recognize potential or developing threats.

Lesson 5, Shield One (External) – introduces Shield One, assessment thresholds, external threat actionable items and how to specifically identify and address those items.

Lesson 6, Shield Two (Internal) – introduces Shield Two, how to identify and address internal threat actionable items and how to lead a behavioral assessment team toward intervention.

Part Three introduces appropriate concepts and skills needed to Prevent an Attack.

Lesson 7, Pre-attack Behavior – presents how to identify and address pre-attack behaviors including threat progressions, both attack types and their corresponding cycles of action.

Lesson 8, Preventive Measures – presents a review of 18 proactive measures to prevent school violence, six real-world examples of active measures and how they worked to mitigate school violence, and the four reactive measures used by physical security in response to an active threat.

Lesson 9, Anatomy of an Attack – presents 3 elements comprising the anatomy of an attack and how to affect that anatomy gaining a significant advantage over a developing threat.

At the end of each lesson topic are knowledge checks which you will need to pass before going on to the next module. The program has a total of 38 knowledge checks.

Access to the 3Shields School Safety Education training program full lesson plan and syllabus is made available to only state accreditation agencies in the accreditation process or educational institutions who have applied and are eligible and running the program.

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