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10-01-18 “The Former DOJ Official Behind DeVos’ School Safety Report.” Politico.

08-25-18 “DeVos Taps Former Top DOJ Official for School Safety Team.” Politico.


08-23-17 “Swift Justice: Wheeler led Civil Rights Division at DOJ during, after turbulent transition.” Cover Story, Indiana Lawyer.

08-03-17 “Former DOJ Civil Rights Chief Pushes Back on Sessions’ Critics.” National Law Journal

07-28-17 “Pence Ally Leaves Top DOJ Civil Rights Post.” The Daily Caller

“Top Lawyer For Civil Rights At Justice Department Leaving After Roughly 6 Months.” National Public Radio.

“Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division head leaves after 6 months.” Washington Examiner.

07-27-17 “Justice Department says no LGBT protection in federal sex-discrimination law.” Politico.

07-13-17 “Trump’s Office of Civil Rights Is on the Right Path.” National Review.

06-29-17 “Trump administration details new civil rights approach to college attorneys.” Politico.

“National Hate Crimes Summit – Chairman.” Transcript of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Opening Remarks: “Good morning, everyone. … [I] want to thank Acting Assistant Attorney General Tom Wheeler and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Robert Moossy of our Civil Rights Division for putting together this important summit. I am grateful to all of you for being here, and for your help in addressing this problem.”

06-28-17 “Trump administration’s top two enforcers of civil rights laws for education promise college lawyers timelier, fairer treatment, but vow no “retreat” on anti-discrimination enforcement.” Inside Higher Education.

“College Lawyers Welcome New Clarity of Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights.” Chronical of Higher Education.

“Hindu American Foundation’s Annual Advocacy Forum Spotlights Hate Crimes, Terrorism, Civil Rights.” IndiaWest News.

06-09-17 “Authorities investigating whether Kansas triple shooting that killed 1 was a hate crime.” ABC.

“Kansas Man Adam Purinton Faces Hate Crime Indictment in Bar Shooting.” NBC.

“Kansas man charged with hate crime in fatal shooting of Indian engineer.” CBS.

“Kansas man accused of hate crime in death of Indian citizen.” FOX.

“Kansas bar shooting suspect charged with federal hate crimes.” CNN.

“Suspect In Kansas Shooting Faces Possible Hate Crime Charges.” NPR

“Kansas Man Indicted on Hate Crime Charges in Shooting of Indian Immigrants.” NY Times.

“Kansas man indicted on hate crime charges in shooting of two Indian men.” Washington Post.

“Kansas shooting suspect Purinton charged with Olathe hate crime.” BBC News.

“Kansas man charged with hate crime in killing of Indian: Attacker allegedly yelled ‘get out of my country’ before opening fire on two Indian men, killing one of them, in a bar.” Aljazeera.

05-03-17 “DOJ Closes Investigation Into Death of Alton Sterling Without Violence, After Initial Shooting Led to Riots and the Ambush Killing of Three Police Officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”

“Why the Justice Department didn’t press charges in the Alton Sterling case.” ABC.

“Alton Sterling Case Seen as Bellwether of Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department.” NBC.

“Alton Sterling shooting death not expected to lead to federal charges.” CBS.

“Alton Sterling case: US attorney details why no charges filed in shooting.” FOX.

“Why the feds did not file charges in Alton Sterling’s death.” CNN.

“Baton Rouge Officers Won’t Face Federal Charges In Killing Of Alton Sterling.” NPR.

“Sessions Closed Sterling Case. Odds Are, His Predecessor Would Have, Too.” N.Y. Times.

“Justice Department reveals decision not to charge officers in Alton Sterling case.” Washington Post. =.0ef16729a902.

05-02-17 “Former North Charleston, South Carolina, Police Department (NCPD) Officer Michael Slager, 35, pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights offense for his fatal shooting of Walter Scott, Jr. on April 4, 2015. Life sentence sought.”

“Michael Slager pleads guilty in connection with killing of Walter Scott.” ABC.

“Michael Slager, Ex-Cop Who Shot Walter Scott, Pleads Guilty in Civil Rights Case.” NBC.

“Michael Slager pleads guilty to civil rights charge in Walter Scott shooting.” CBS.

“Walter Scott shooting: SC ex-cop pleads guilty to civil rights violation.” FOX.

“Ex-officer Michael Slager pleads guilty in shooting death of Walter Scott.” CNN.

“Former S.C. Police Officer Pleads Guilty In Shooting Of Walter Scott.” NPR.

“Ex-Officer Who Shot Walter Scott Pleads Guilty in Charleston.” NY Times.

“Former S.C. police officer pleads guilty in fatal shooting caught on video.” Washington Post.

“Michael Slager, officer who fatally shot Walter Scott in South Carolina, pleads guilty in federal case.” L.A. Times.

04-21-17 “U.S./Israeli Man Charged in Connection with Threats to Jewish Community Centers.”

“U.S.-Israeli teen charged with threatening Jewish centers.” USA Today.–israeli-teen-charged-threatening-jewish-centers/100758732.

“Israeli-American man, 18, is charged with threatening Jewish centers, schools and flights across the US with a ‘bloodbath’.” UK Daily Mail.

“Justice Dept. Charges Man in Threat Hoaxes to Jewish Community Centers.” NBC.

“Dual US-Israeli citizen charged with threatening Jewish community centers, DOJ says.” FOX.

“Feds say JCC bomb threat suspect ran paid service on Dark Web.” CNN.

“Israeli American teen suspected of Jewish center bomb threats faces federal charges.” LA Times.

04-13-17 “Arson Awareness Week – ‘Arson against houses of worship is a serious crime that the Department of Justice is committed to prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law,’ said Acting Assistant Attorney General Tom Wheeler of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.” Indianapolis Recorder.

04-10-17 “Cross-burnings Still a ‘Tool of Fear’ Used by Racists.” Southern Poverty Law Center.

04-09-17 Statement to the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe – “United States Mission to the OSCE: Hate Crimes in the United States – As delivered by Charge d’Affaires, a.i. Kate M. Byrnes to the Permanent Council, Vienna.”

“In keeping with the U.S. practice of openly discussing challenges our country faces in upholding our common OSCE commitments, we are reporting to the Permanent Council on recent hate-related violence in the United States. * * * Acting Assistant Attorney General Thomas Wheeler stated that Mr. Jones had ‘made violent threats in an attempt to extinguish people’s economic livelihood simply because of their religion,’ and reaffirmed the Justice Department’s commitment to vigorously prosecute the federal laws that prohibit such conduct.”

04-07-17 Post Freddie Gray Entry of Baltimore Police Consent Decree.

“Mandated police reform could make Baltimore ‘less safe,’ Attorney General Sessions says.” ABC.

“Justice Department Cites ‘Grave Concerns’ About Baltimore Police Reform.” NBC.

“Judge approves Baltimore police reform despite Trump DOJ calls to delay.” CBS.

“DOJ expresses ‘grave concerns’ over Baltimore police deal with Obama administration.” FOX.

“Federal judge in Baltimore approves sweeping plan for police reforms.” CNN.

“Baltimore, DOJ Reach Agreement On Consent Decree For Baltimore Police.” NPR.

“Judge Approves Consent Decree to Overhaul Baltimore Police Dept.” NY Times.

“Federal judge approves Baltimore police consent decree.” Washington Post.

“Federal judge approves Baltimore policing consent decree, denying Justice Department request for delay.” Baltimore Sun.

04-06-17 “Justice Department Considering Reopening Emmett Till Murder Case, Family Says.” NBC News.

“Wheeler said ‘the Department is currently assessing whether the newly revealed statement could warrant additional investigation,’ in a letter to Thompson this week, provided to NBC News by the congressman’s office. But reminded him it would not be an easy task. ‘We caution, however, that even with our best efforts, investigations into historic cases are exceptionally difficult, and there may be insurmountable legal and evidentiary barriers to bringing federal charges against any remaining living persons,’ he wrote.”

04-05-17 “Assistant Attorney General Wheeler Appointed by Attorney General Sessions to Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety and Asked to Chair the Hate Crimes Subcommittee.”

“On April 5, 2017, Attorney General Sessions released details about the Department’s Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety. The Attorney General highlighted the importance of combating hate crimes by creating, as part of that overall Committee, a Hate Crimes Subcommittee. The Attorney General stressed in the statement he made announcing the Subcommittee’s creation:

We will not tolerate threats or acts of violence targeting any person or community in this country on the basis of their religious beliefs or background. Accordingly, the Hate Crimes Subcommittee will develop a plan to appropriately address hate crimes to better protect the rights of all Americans.”

The Hate Crimes Subcommittee is led by Acting Assistant Attorney General Tom Wheeler, and is made up of subject matter experts including career prosecutors in the Civil Rights Division, United States Attorney’s Offices and the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. The Hate Crime Subcommittee also includes FBI agents with supervisory authority over hate crime investigations and FBI agents who oversee FBI’s hate crime data collection.

03-02-17 “Assistant Attorney General Visits Naval Aviation Technical Training Command.” United States Navy Military Times.

02-27-17 United States Air Force – “Seminar to teach Air Commandos to ‘Know your rights’.”

02-22-17 “Withdrawal of Title IX Transgender Bathroom Dear Colleague Letter.”

“The Department of Justice has a duty to enforce the law. The prior guidance documents did not contain sufficient legal analysis or explain how the interpretation was consistent with the language of Title IX. The Department of Education and the Department of Justice therefore have withdrawn the guidance. Congress, state legislatures, and local governments are in a position to adopt appropriate policies or laws addressing this issue. The Department of Justice remains committed to the proper interpretation and enforcement of Title IX and to its protections for all students, including LGBTQ students, from discrimination, bullying, and harassment.”

“Trump administration reverses transgender bathroom guidance.” ABC.

“White House Reverses Obama-Era Transgender Bathroom Protections.” NBC.

“Transgender bathrooms: Trump administration to issue new guidance.” CBS.

“Trump administration revokes Obama-era transgender bathroom guidance for schools.” FOX.

“Trump administration withdraws federal protections for transgender students”. CNN.

“Trump Administration Rescinds Obama Rule On Transgender Students’ Bathroom Use.” NPR.

“Trump Rescinds Rules on Bathrooms for Transgender Students.” NY Times.

“Trump administration rolls back protections for transgender students.” Washington Post.

Press Releases:

July 26, 2017

Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against Technical Marine Maintenance Texas and Gulf Coast Workforce Alleging Discrimination Based on Citizenship Status

July 25, 2017

Justice Department Sues Puerto Rico Business for Violating Employment Rights of United States Army Reservist

July 21, 2017

Acting U.S. Attorney Settles Civil Rights Suit Against Westchester Property Management Company And Cooperative Building For Discriminating On The Basis Of Disability

July 18, 2017

Justice Department and Washington State Courts Partner to Ensure Access to State Court Services for Limited English Proficient Individuals

July 13, 2017

Justice Department Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Owner and Seller of North Carolina Homes

July 10, 2017

Justice Department Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Morgantown, West Virginia, Landlords

July 6, 2017

Justice Department Resolves Allegations of Housing Discrimination Involving North Attleboro Apartment Complex

Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Michigan Credit Union for Illegally Repossessing Servicemembers’ Cars

July 3, 2017

Mississippi Corrections Officers Sentenced for Inmate Assault and Cover-Up

June 30, 2017

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim against Florida Staffing Company

June 29, 2017

Former Prison Transport Officer Indicted for Sexual Assault and Threatening the Victim with a Firearm

June 28, 2017

Indictment: Former Highway Patrol Trooper Used Excessive Force

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against Panda Express

Former Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Indicted for Using Excessive Force

June 22, 2017

Victoria Man Charged with Hate Crime in Burning of Mosque

June 20, 2017

Justice Department and the State of New York Settle Claims over Voter Registration Opportunities

June 15, 2017

Florida Man Indicted for a Hate Crime for Making Telephonic Threat to Shoot Congregants at the Islamic Center of Greater Miami

Mississippi Corrections Officer Sentenced for Inmate Assault

Chattanooga Man Sentenced For Solicitation To Burn Down A Mosque In Islamberg, New York

June 10, 2017

Former Providence, Kentucky Police Officer is Charged With Civil Rights Violations and Obstruction

June 9, 2017

Kansas Man Charged with Hate Crime, Firearm Offenses in Shooting of Three Men at Olathe Bar

Current and Former Boynton Beach, Florida Police Officers Indicted for Using Excessive Force Against an Arrestee, Filing False Reports and Obstructing Justice

June 7, 2017

Husband and Wife Convicted for Roles in Alien Harboring Scheme Involving Labor Exploitation of Domestic Servant

June 6, 2017

Justice Department and City of Des Plaines, Illinois Settle Lawsuit Over Alleged RLUIPA Violations

June 2, 2017

Prisoner-Transport Officer Arrested for Sexual Assault

Mississippi Corrections Officers Sentenced for Inmate Assault and Cover-Up

June 1, 2017

Justice Department Settles Disability-Based Housing Discrimination Lawsuit with City of Jacksonville, FL

Justice Department Reaches Settlement Agreement with Washington State Public Transit System on Behalf of Washington Army National Guard Member

May 31, 2017

Justice Department and City of Jackson, Mississippi Resolve Lawsuit Over Zoning of Group Homes

May 30, 2017

North Carolina Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Charges Involving Scheme to Compel Five Women to Prostitute

Justice Department and Bernards Township (NJ) Settle Lawsuit Over Alleged RLUIPA Violations

May 23, 2017

Justice Department Settles U.S. Worker Discrimination Claims Against New Mexico Farm

May 19, 2017

Former Correctional Officer in West Virginia Pleads Guilty to Using Force to Punish A Detainee

May 17, 2017

Justice Department Obtains $37,000 Verdict in Disability Discrimination Case Against Montana Landlord

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Lawsuit Against Pasco, Washington Fruit and Vegetable Processor

May 15, 2017

Mississippi Man Sentenced To 49 Years in Prison for Bias-Motivated Murder of Transgender Woman in Lucedale, Mississippi

May 12, 2017

Former Deputy Jailer at Kentucky River Regional Jail Convicted of Federal Charges Related to the Death of a Detainee

May 10, 2017

Four Texas Men Indicted on Federal Hate Crime and Conspiracy Charges for Assaults Based on Victims’ Sexual Orientation

May 9, 2017

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against Rhode Island-Based Staffing Agency

Former Corrections Officer Cadet in Alabama Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Handcuffed Man

May 8, 2017

Former Puerto Rico Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Civil Rights Violation for Assaulting Juvenile

May 5, 2017

Three Former Arkansas Juvenile Detention Officers Indicted for Conspiracy to Assault Juvenile Detainees

Justice Department Reaches Settlement Agreement with El Paso Business Over Allegations of Violating the Employment Rights of a Texas Army National Guard Member

May 3, 2017

Former Miami-Dade Police Detective Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Money from Migrant Workers and Obstructing Justice

Judge Sentences Three Law Enforcement Officer Defendants in Iberia Parish, Louisiana, Civil Rights Case

Federal Officials Close Investigation Into Death of Alton Sterling

May 2, 2017

Former North Charleston, South Carolina, Police Officer Michael Slager Pleads Guilty to Federal Civil Rights Offense

April 27, 2017

Idaho Man Sentenced For Federal Hate Crime Based on Victim’s Sexual Orientation

April 26, 2017

Two Former Arkansas Juvenile Detention Officers Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Assaulting Juvenile Detainees

April 21, 2017

U.S./Israeli Man Charged in Connection with Threats to Jewish Community Centers, Conveying False Information, and Cyberstalking

April 21, 2017

Four Former Corrections Officers Indicted for Civil Rights Violations

April 21, 2017

Eight Members of Mexican Sex Trafficking Enterprise Plead Guilty to Racketeering, Sex Trafficking, and Related Crimes

April 19, 2017

Federal Court Issues Order in Lawsuit Against the Twin Cities of Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah, Finding Widespread Police Misconduct and Religious Discrimination

April 19, 2017

Fourth Defendant Convicted for Role in Georgia-Based Mexican Sex Trafficking Ring

April 17, 2017

Justice Department Settles Lawsuit Against South Dakota Business on Behalf of Air National Guard Member

April 12, 2017

Kentucky Deputy Jailer Convicted by Jury of Assault of Inmate and Obstruction of Justice

April 10, 2017

Bakersfield Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Hate Crime

April 10, 2017

Arson Awareness Week 2017 to Focus on Preventing Arson at Houses of Worship

April 6, 2017

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against Florida Roadside Assistance Services Company

April 6, 2017

Michigan Man Sentenced to 235 Months in Prison for Sex Trafficking and Interstate Transportation for Prostitution

April 5, 2017

Ohio Men Sentenced to Prison for Racially Motivated Attack on Stranger

April 4, 2017

Third Conspirator Pleads Guilty to 2012 Florida Cross Burning

April 3, 2017

Justice Department Cautions Employers Seeking H-1B Visas Not to Discriminate Against U.S. Workers

March 27, 2017

Knoxville Man Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking Conspiracy and Related Drug Offenses

Florida Man Ordered to Pay Over $1.1 Million in Restitution to Victims of Sex Trafficking and Interstate Prostitution Scheme

March 21, 2017

Justice Department Settles with Public School District to Resolve HIV-Related Discrimination Findings

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against Florida Pizza Delivery Chain

March 20, 2017

Justice Department Reaches Agreement With Suffolk City Virginia School District to Desegregate Its Schools

March 17, 2017

Kansas Man Pleads Guilty to Making False Statements in Federal Hate Crime Investigation

March 16, 2017

Pennsylvania Man Indicted for Hate Crime Assault

March 14, 2017

Two Identity Document Suppliers Sentenced for Roles in Identity Trafficking Scheme

March 13, 2017

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against California Janitorial Companies

Court Approves Desegregation Plan for Cleveland, Mississippi, Schools

March 10, 2017

Pasco County, Florida, Man Pleads Guilty to 2012 Cross Burning

March 8, 2017

Minnesota Man Who Sent Threatening Letter to Islamic Center Sentenced to 12 Months In Prison

March 3, 2017

Justice Department Sues Edmonds, Washington Landlords for Discriminating Against Families With Children

March 2, 2017

Anoka County Resident Sentenced to Six Months in Prison for Threatening Two Clinics that Provide Reproductive Health Services

March 1, 2017

Justice Department Reaches Agreement With Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to Resolve Disability Discrimination Complaint

February 23, 2017

Florida Man Sentenced for Sex Trafficking and Interstate Prostitution

February 22, 2017

Justice Department and Sterling Heights, Michigan, Resolve Lawsuit over Denial of Zoning Approval for a Mosque

Kansas Men Sentenced for Roles in Federal Hate Crime Against Black Somali Men

Former Correctional Officer in West Virginia Charged with Using Force to Punish Detainees and Submitting a False Incident Report

February 16, 2017

Chattanooga Man Convicted of Solicitation to Burn Down a Mosque in Islamberg, New York

Idaho Man Charged in Church Arson Case

Chattanooga Man Convicted Of Solicitation to Burn Down a Mosque in Islamberg, New York

February 15, 2017

Former Oklahoma Jail Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Sentenced for Using Excessive Force

February 13, 2017

Former Detective Convicted and Sentenced for Filing False Police Report to Cover Up Civil Rights Violation

February 9, 2017

Former Jail Administrator Pleads Guilty to Civil Rights Violation for Depriving Inmate of Medical Care

February 8, 2017

Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Hate Crimes for Threatening Muslim Grocery Store Owners

February 7, 2017

Idaho Man Pleads Guilty to Federal Hate Crime

February 6, 2017

Justice Department Reaches Agreement with City of Philadelphia to Resolve Disability Discrimination Complaint

February 3, 2017

Miami-Dade Police Detective Convicted of Civil Rights Offenses for Stealing Property from Motorists and Obstructing Justice

February 2, 2017

North Carolina Man Sentenced for Threats Against Mosque Members in Raeford, North Carolina

Mississippi Corrections Officers Plead Guilty to Inmate Assault and Cover-Up

Justice Department Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against New York Restaurant

January 31, 2017

Justice Department Reaches Agreement with St. James Parish Louisiana School District to Desegregate Schools

January 26, 2017

New Hampshire Man Indicted for Sex Trafficking of a Minor in Connection with Interstate Prostitution Enterprise